Uplifting, fresh, honest and powerful music…created by three fiddles, mandolin and guitar. Expect influences of traditional Scottish and Irish music, Bluegrass, Old-Time, Classical, and new compositions, harmonies, energy, and drive.

BURSTING onto the scene back in 2017, Kinnaris Quintet last year wowed audiences with the release of their much anticipated debut album, Free One. It is a fitting title for a band whose love of life is given full expression through their music.

Living in Glasgow has brought these five musicians together and what makes Kinnaris Quintet’s dynamic and compelling sound is the marriage of their diverse musical backgrounds, influences and styles.

Combining Scottish and Irish folk with bluegrass and classical, Kinnaris are five musicians unable to hide their joy at making music together. It’s an enthusiasm that is infectious as anyone who has seen them live will attest. The band have quickly become the folk band to see and have played several festivals already – including an appearance at Glasgow’s iconic Barrowland Ballroom.

Fiona MacAskill (fiddle), Laura Wilkie (fiddle), Aileen (Reid) Gobbi (five-string fiddle), Laura-Beth Salter (mandolin) and Jenn Butterworth (guitar) collectively make Kinnaris Quintet. They are all accomplished musicians in their own right, but when they play together their combined energy is a sight to behold. It is a force to be reckoned with.

Kinnaris Quintet have been delighting audiences, contemporaries and critics alike since their arrival on the scene and are a group whose next moves are being eagerly anticipated…

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Folk Radio UK “A fearless and unconventional exploration of traditional music as this powerhouse of a band takes Irish, Scottish, and Bluegrass by the hand and spins them into an album as unique and innovative as it is technically dazzling….destined to take its place as one of the best debut albums of 2018.”

The National “…give full expression to their musicality, unburdened by thoughts of what should be done but instead allowing the tunes to flow through them unconstrained. “The elation of the musicians at being able to play together is always in evidence and that joyous exuberance is captured perfectly.”

The Herald “… raw and yet sweetly accomplished, brawny and yet harmonically assured, and with occasional echoes of Steve Reich-like minimalism…a great example of musicians moving the tradition forward… sure appreciation of where it all begins.”

“They seem to have immediately struck up something that many musicians and bands spend years trying to achieve and still never accomplish – a fresh new sound and style which is theirs alone, full of drive, passion and beauty delivered with fine technical skill and good taste.” Joe Rusby, Festival Director of Underneath The Stars Festival.

“Where the f*** have I been to have missed this group emerging that does EVERYTHING I LOVE?! It’s f***ing brilliant! There are so many beautiful things to say about this group…I love it!” Greg Lawson, GRIT Orchestra, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.

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